Other collectibles

Although it is not my primary interest I have collected other fire truck related items like lights, sirens, manufacturers plates, models, nozzles, patches and other collectibles.

On this page some of these collectibles are displayed.

If you have any collectible for me, or want to trade, e-mail me!


Truck logo plates

Firehouse neon & trafficlight
City of Utrecht, Netherlands

Callbox (Brandmelder) Amsterdam

Cast iron, 1927
Design: P.L. Marnette 
Style: "Amsterdamse School"

Mechanism callbox( brandmelder) Amsterdam


Antique nozzles


contemporary nozzles

High pressure nozzles
Bean (l) & Nepiro (r)

Total foam nozzle
& proportioner


Gamewell callbox

Hoek-Loos SCBA



Gamewell mini box


Manual fire bell



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Other collectibles

1907 postcards Amsterdam fire department






Albert Baas, Heeten, Netherlands
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