Fires in Deventer II

Parrafin tanks fire, may 29, 1988

Lightning was the probable cause of an explosion and a short but intense fire in two tanks for the storage of molten parrafin at Cera Chemie chemical factory. The Deventer fire department was able to contain the fire quickly by attacking it with foam.
Drums with chemicals, stocked in the vicinity of the parrafin tanks were protected from the heat by spraying them with water.











Small fire in Deventer city centre, may 12, 1985

An arsonist lit an empty building in one of the narrow streets (Polstraat) in the Deventer city centre.
The Deventer fire department contained the fire within a few minutes by two high pressure lines.




FIRE !!!

Arrival fire department

High pressure attack

A second line



Almost done

That's all folks !!


Residential fire in Gorrsel, 1985






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