Spangler Dual

The Spangler Dual was an experimental fire truck manufactured by Hahn Motors, Inc, from Hamburg, Pensylvania. The fire truck was sold by D.H. Spangler Eng. & Sales Co.
The only one made was in use with the Friendship Fire Company of Morgantown Pennsylvania. It was in service for only a short period when it was returned to the manufacturer.
Both units where scrapped due to many technical problems.
(Friendship FD is not friendly, they prommised me a patch, but never send it !!)

The chassis was mainly made with Ford components and parts like axels, gearboxes, and powered by 2 Ford V8 engines of 100 HP each.

The truck was equiped with 2 Barton-American 500 gpm centrifugal pumps, a 1500 gallon boostertank and 4 automatic type 1/2-inch booster reels, a total of 5000 feet.




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