Restoration of my 1966 Magirus Deutz ladder truck

Part 1

Picture made at the firehouse in 1982


The truck needs a total cosmetic restoration. Technically the truck is in quite good shape, except for the broken hydraulic pump.

Cosmetic work to be done:

Technical work:

Photo's of the proceeding work:

Removing the ladder sections: june 2002

an excavator comes in handy!

removed ladder sections

Main section

Ladder truck without ladder!

July 2002: 6 good used tires with rim I found in Germany for a bargain (55  Euro for the lot!).


Progress on the Truck: april 2003



Preparing the cab for painting

Preparing the turntable for cleaning

Cleaned the hydraulic oil tank

Assembled oil tank

Tow to washplace

Degreased and cleaned ladder seat

Prepared hood

Epoxy primered grille

Original and new sheet metal panels

Primered and coated sheetmetal panel
Kit for sealing

The new panel placed on door frame

Doors placed 

Painting of the oil tank

PA speaker (Philips EL 7124)

Painted PA speaker (Philips EL 7124)

Top storage compartment and fallspindle

Top storage compartment epoxy primered


Fenders (with new sheetmetal to be welded in)

Closeup of the Deutz V6 aircooled diesel


Part 2  

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Repair Meiller hydraulic pump

For the owners of a Magirus Deutz truck:
Magirus Deutz Owners Club Holland

Magirus parts and restauration (German)





Albert Baas, Heeten, Netherlands
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