Restoration of my 1966 Magirus Deutz ladder truck
Part 3



Progress on the Truck: may, june  2004

Finishing brake overhaul

I painted the brake drums fall 2003, now i prepared the axles for refitting the brake cylinders and the brake drums

Epoxy primered 

Painted brake drums fitted



Overhaul hydraulic clutch


overhauled clutch master cylinder + new hose




Sidepanel repair

Fitting new side panel: home fabrication
Ready for primering


Repairing lockers and wheel well

Home made repair panel

Welding the panels

ready for welding side panel in place

Welded and epoxy primered

Repaired panel

New homemade fender

New homemade fender fitted

Wheels fitted


New locker floor



Overhaul of fall spindles

Fall spindles from rear support



ready for primering


Removal and painting support beam


August 2004


Placing the ladder support bracket

ladder support bracket


Fall  spindle

Installing rear lights


September 2004

Colour: RAL 3001

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Repair Meiller hydraulic pump

For the owners of a Magirus Deutz truck:
Magirus Deutz Owners Club Holland

Magirus parts and restauration (German)





Albert Baas, Heeten, Netherlands
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