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Albert Baas seen on top of this Oshkosh P15

Photo by my girlfriend Karin, oct 1997

I live in Heeten, the Netherlands. I lecture general- and analytical chemistry and laboratory safety at the Saxion Polytechnic Institute in Deventer, and I am a firebuff !!

I started fire buffing when I was 18 years old, but I followed fire trucks on the way to a fire on my bike when I was only 12 years old.
When I got a Canon A1 SLR camera on my 18th birthday I started going to the firehouses to make photographs of the fire trucks. At the moment I still use this Canon A1 camera with a 50 mm lens for photographing fire trucks. I have quite a collection of Dutch fire trucks photos.

On vacations a stop at the firehouses we pass is mandatory. I take any opportunity to talk to the firemen and take photographs of their fire apparatus, so I have photos of US, Canadian trucks too. More photo's on my photo album pages.



Washington DC



I also started collecting fire apparatus sales literature like brochures, folders, design drawings, operators manuals, sales manuals etc. I have aproxemately 350 files of diffrent fire apparatus manufacturers at the moment.

In 1985 I bought a 1955 Magirus-Deutz fire truck from the Veenendaal fire department wich I restored in 1986/1987. In 1990 I bought my second fire truck from the Fokker Aircraft industries fire department. You can see pictures and facts of these fire trucks on my truck page

Albert Baas as moviestar

In 1989 I participated with my fire truck in the Dutch movie "Elcker" featuring Coen Flink.
A movie about a conflict between the Major of a small city and the fire chief. 

Waiting in front of my firetruck for "Roll camera's, ACTION!!"


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Photo's Albert Baas
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Heeten, the Netherlands

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