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What is this website about?

I am a collector of fire apparatus sales literature, design drawings, delivery photo's etc. but I also collect other fire related stuff like helmets, sirens, nozzles lightbars, etc, and patches too!
I am also the proud owner of 2 fire trucks.
But my main interest is collecting fire apparatus sales literature from all over the world.

Through this site I want to give an impression of my collection literature, collectibles and photo's. I also like to get in contact with people who are also interested in fire buffing and collecting fire related stuff.

If you have fire apparatus literature for me, or if you want to trade literature, please send me an e-mail.

Contents of my website:

Fire apparatus



Fire collectibles

Action photo's

Albert Baas


 Other personal interests:

45 records Jukeboxes Pinball machines

Fats Domino 1964

Seeburg KD200 jukebox

7" 45 rpm records

I have a collection of about 7000 45' records

45 Jukebox

Williams "Fire!" pinballmachine

1972 Ford Ranchero

NSM CD Jukeboxes Williams "Twilight Zone"

Contact me by e-mail:

  a.w.baas(you know what to put here)

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